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Invest like a Billionaire

Earn up to


* PA

How do we do it? 

For all the bank FDs and Regular investments would give a return of 4-5% but with P2P Lending we can give you *10% returns!

What is P2P Invesment?

P2P lending is also known as “social lending” or “crowd lending.” which has existed before banks but now there is a revolution in this. 

P2P Lending has never been easier! 

With RBI Approving companies to start P2P investments, people are given loans with your money and you will get much higher returns with a complete dashboard of where your money has been invested. 


Comparision of P2P vs FD vs Equity

P2P Lending
Fixed Deposit

*Note: All these data are approximations of a larger data set and analysis of the current scenario. These might change at the time and location of the viewer. 

FAQ's on Regular Income with P2P

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