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Welcome to Wisely Invest, your trusted financial advisor in Surat, India. SIP planning is a crucial aspect of wealth creation and financial stability. It involves strategically allocating your funds into SIPs, which are disciplined investment vehicles that allow you to invest regularly and consistently in mutual funds.

What is the meaning of SIP?

The full form of SIP is Systematic Investment Planning. It is a disciplined investment approach that allows individuals to invest in mutual funds in a systematic and hassle-free manner. SIP Investments encourage investors to regularly invest, regardless of market conditions, by spreading out investments over a predefined period. One can calculate the amount for SIPs with the help of a SIP calculator.

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How SIPs Work?

SIP operates based on two fundamental principles: rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding. By engaging in SIP, you make a commitment to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals, be it monthly or quarterly, rather than investing a large lump sum all at once. This intelligent approach empowers you to navigate the unpredictability of the market without the need to time your investments.

During market downturns, your fixed investment amount allows you to purchase more units of the mutual fund, while during market upswings, it secures fewer units. Over time, this strategic approach works to offset the impact of market fluctuations and holds the potential for impressive returns.

How SIP Planning Helps in Long-term Wealth Creation

Wisely Invest takes pride in highlighting the exclusive SIP benefits that can revolutionize your investment journey:

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Cultivating Disciplined Investing

Systematic Investment Planning ingrains the value of regular investing. It cultivates the habit of consistent saving and investing, laying the foundation for long-term wealth creation that stands the test of time.

Embracing Flexibility

SIP offers the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. You can commence with a modest investment and gradually increase it as your financial situation improves.

Unleashing the Power of Compounding

SIP harnesses this power by reinvesting returns generated by your investments, further amplifying their growth potential. The longer you remain invested, the more significant the compounding effect becomes. 

Expanding Horizons through Diversification

At Wisely Invest, we offer SIPs with access to a diverse range of mutual funds across various asset classes, including equities, debt, and hybrid funds. This diversification strategy spreads your investments across different sectors and securities, reducing vulnerability to market fluctuations and enhancing the stability of your portfolio.

Harnessing the Power of Cost Averaging

Volatility in the market can be unnerving, but SIP provides an effective solution. Through the principle of rupee cost averaging, SIP enables you to navigate market fluctuations with confidence. It empowers you to purchase more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. 

Types of SIP

When it comes to Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), there are different types of SIP plans that cater to varying financial goals. Here are some SIP types:

A. Based on Installment Amount

Regular SIPs

Here the investors can fix a predetermined investment amount and make consistent contributions at regular intervals. These SIPs provide convenience as the investment amount is automatically deducted from the investor's bank account.

Trigger SIPs

Wisely Invest provides trigger SIPs where investors can set triggers based on specific market conditions or events. When the trigger conditions are met, the SIP is automatically executed, enabling investors to capitalize on favourable market opportunities.

Perpetual SIPs

Perpetual SIPs have no specific end date, and investors can continue investing until they decide to stop. Investors have the freedom to redeem or modify the SIP at their convenience.

Step-up SIPs

Step-up SIPs allow investors to gradually increase their investment amount at predefined intervals. This type of SIP is beneficial for individuals expecting regular income increments or bonuses.

Flexible SIPs

With flexible SIPs, investors have the flexibility to change the SIP amount as per their financial requirements. You can increase or decrease the investment amount based on market conditions or personal circumstances.

B. Based on Investment Objective

Equity SIPs

These SIPs primarily invest in equity-oriented mutual funds, aiming for higher returns over the long term. Equity SIPs are suitable for investors with a higher risk appetite who seek capital appreciation by investing in the stock market.

Debt SIPs

Debt SIPs focus on investing in fixed-income securities such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and money market instruments. These SIPs aim for stable returns with lower volatility compared to equity SIPs.

Balanced/Hybrid SIPs

This is a combination of equity and debt instruments. These SIPs aim to provide moderate risk and potential for capital appreciation, making them suitable for investors seeking a balanced portfolio with exposure to both equity and debt markets.

SIP: How to Invest

Investing in SIP is a simple process with the help of experienced financial advisors such as Wisely Invest. Here’s how to start SIP investment in India:

Step 1: Gather Required Documents

To begin your SIP investment, ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready. This includes:


  • Identification proof

  • PAN card

  • Address proof

  • Bank account details


Make sure all the information is correct and updated. Additionally, if you plan to invest in non-cash assets, ensure that they comply with the current KYC norms established by the government.

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Step 2: Complete KYC Process

Before investing in any financial product, it is essential to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process as mandated by the government. You can visit an authorized bank or post office to fill out the KYC application form. 


Alternatively, you may choose to complete the process online if it is more convenient for you. The application form typically requires personal details, photo ID proof, and a declaration regarding your investment intentions.

You must first register with an Indian broker or financial advisor, such as Wisley Invest, in order to begin investing. After registering, you can select from a variety of SIP programmes based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Step 3: Register For a SIP

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Step 4: Choose A Plan

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This is the most crucial step. It won't be simple to get a decent return on your investment if you do not select the appropriate plan. Every plan is unique and will have various features and advantages.


Before choosing a plan, ask yourself-


  • What is your risk tolerance?

  • How much you are willing to invest?

  • How do you want to go on with the investments?

Decide how much money you wish to put into the plan. It is crucial to decide how much you wish to invest each week or each month.

Step 5: Choose the SIP Amount

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Step 6: Decide a date and time for the SIP protocol

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This is the most crucial step. It won't be simple to get a decent return on your investment if you do not select the appropriate plan. Every plan is unique and will have various features and advantages.


Before choosing a plan, ask yourself-


  • What is your risk tolerance?

  • How much you are willing to invest?

  • How do you want to go on with the investments?

Depending on your fund house, you can start the SIP after selecting the mutual fund firm by filing the form via the Internet or online method. If you have a registered Demat account, you can submit the SIP online. As an alternative, you can mail it in or deliver it to your bank.

Step 7: Submit your application form

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In addition, you can start and invest in SIP online with Wisely Invest. Contact our team of experts to get started with your investing journey.

Why Choose Wisely Invest as Your SIP Planners

Choosing Wisely Invest as your SIP planner offers several advantages and benefits that can enhance your investment experience. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Wisely Invest:


  • Expertise and Experience: Wisely Invest is backed by a team of experienced financial planners who possess deep knowledge and expertise in SIP planning. 

  • Personalized Approach: We take a personalized approach to SIP planning and offer recommendations to align with your specific needs, ensuring that your SIP investments are in line with your long-term objectives.

  • Diverse Range of Investment Options: Wisely Invest offers a wide range of SIP investment options across various asset classes, including mutual funds, bonds, ELSS funds, equity, debt, and hybrid funds. 

  • Robust Research and Analysis: Our team of expert financial service providers conducts thorough research and analysis to identify potential investment opportunities. They evaluate fund performance, track record, and other relevant factors to ensure that the recommended SIPs have the potential to deliver favourable returns.

  • Regular Monitoring and Reviews: Wisely Invest provides regular monitoring and reviews of your SIP investments. We keep track of market trends, fund performance, and changing economic conditions to make timely adjustments to your investment portfolio if necessary.

  • Transparent and Ethical Practices: We uphold high standards of transparency and ethical practices and provide clear and concise information about fees, charges, and any associated risks, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of your SIP investments.

  • Excellent Customer Support: Wisely Invest prides itself on delivering excellent customer support. Their team is readily available to address your queries, provide assistance, and offer timely support throughout your investment journey.

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