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"Every investor while investing wishes to maximize his returns while minimizing his risk. Asset Allocation and Superior scheme selection are time tested proven ways for doing the same. But time and again it has been proved that, for an investor to manage his asset allocation and select superior schemes is extremely tough and difficult to execute due to operational and behavioral reasons."

What is a MARS or NJ MARS?

Mutual Funds Automated Re-balancing System (MARS)

NJ MARS (Mutual Funds Automated Re-balancing System) manages asset allocation of your portfolio in line with the market movement based on solid NJ research (increases equity exposure when markets are low and decreases exposure when markets are high). This helps in capturing the upside in the market while protecting the downside. Also, your money is invested in consistently performing schemes, shortlisted based on NJ research. The non performing schemes, if any, in the portfolio, are replaced with better schemes on an annual basis.

Why should you INVEST in MARS?

  • It gives clients access to a range of well diversified portfolios to choose from.

  • There are two broad sets of asset allocation portfolios A) Dynamic Asset Allocation: The asset allocation between equity and debt would vary depending on the valuations of the equity markets; higher the valuation, lower will be the allocation into equities and vice versa. B) Fixed Asset Allocation: The asset allocation between equity and debt will be kept fixed.

  • The underlying MF schemes will be selected by the NJ Research Team.

  • The asset allocation rebalancing would be done yearly for Fixed Asset Allocation and on a half yearly basis for Dynamic Asset Allocation.

  • The MARS portfolios are only available to clients holding NJ E-Wealth Accounts.


  • Client can select a model portfolio depending on his risk appetite and investment needs.

  • Helps the client to invest in well researched mutual fund schemes.

  • The underlying MF schemes will be selected by the NJ Research Team.

  • Simple execution tools for portfolio rebalancing.

  • Enhanced returns resulting from disciplined asset allocation.

How does MARS work?

  • Portfolios designed by the NJ Research team will be made available on the MARS platform.

  • Client has an option to select any of the available portfolios with the help of his NJ partner.

  • The client can invest in MARS by transferring his existing MF portfolio.

  • The client can also invest in MARS through cheque / net banking / debit card / auto debit mandate.

  • The client will be required to authorize all the purchase transactions either online through a single click or signing the TIS provided by NJ Partner (for e.g. Wisely Invest).

  • Rebalancing of the portfolio is triggered as per schedule of various portfolios. The client needs to authorize the same to realign the portfolio with his target asset allocation.


MARS PPT June 2021

Learn about Mars in a detailed PPT about why MARS can strengthen your portfolio and move towards a more secure future!



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