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Some Irrelevant News

Irrelevant News | Wisely Invest

Given below are:

Some Very Important V/s. Very Un-important / Very Ordinary news from last week.

Please feel free to correct if anyone of them is wrong.

Firstly, four news of utmost national importance that have immensely strong influence on the course of the nation, and discussed 24x7 by media in last one week:

1. Salman Khan Jail/Bail. 2. IPL 3. Kapil Sharma abuse. 4. Taimur having some digestion problem...

Now, a few pieces of irrelevant news which are of very negligible importance and hence, may have been (if at all) printed as a side column somewhere in the 4th to 6th page of a newspaper.

After all, these news will neither sell nor create sensation! More importantly, don't fit into the agenda of media houses.

  1. Direct Tax collection increased by almost 20% as compared to the last year. After this unprecedented growth, tax collections are ₹10,05,000 crore.

  2. ₹4,00,000 crore of NPAs (bad loans) have returned to the banks. The total amount of bad loans was ₹9,00,000 crore and almost half of it has come back to banking system due to Insolvency and Bankruptcy code.

  3. The Budget session of Parliament ended in a complete washout, causing a loss of ₹360 crore. The amount nation lost due to disruptive politics of opposition is more than the infrastructure budget on border areas.

  4. India constructed 10,000 km of highways in the financial year 2017-18, which came to an end on 31 March, 2018. The target for next year is an ambitious 15,000 km, Ministry of Roadways said.

  5. CBI starts its inquiry into the controversial 80:20 Gold scheme, which was approved all of a sudden by the RBI just a few days before the new government was supposed to be formed on 26 May 2014. It was the loopholes in this scheme, which led to a massive scam by Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi.

  6. In a highly strategic move that will have widespread ramifications and help in countering China, India has announced a broad gauge rail connectivity between Delhi and Kathmandu (via Raxaul).

  7. E-Way (electronic) bills launched for inter state movement of goods and logistics. This will cut down hurdles and problems of shipping goods between two states, which earlier involved severe headache due to long queues on tolls at the state borders.

  8. Core sector growth up by 5.5% in February.

And, sorry for boring you with these unimportant and irrelevant news...

🇾🇪 Jay Hind


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